Propspeed is the biocide free, environmentally friendly coating and one of the most effective and longest lasting propeller and running gear coating systems available on the market today. This market leading coating system is made up of a two component etching primer which bonds to the metal substrate and clear coat, providing an ultra-smooth outer layer.

PROPSPEED® is the best foul-release coating on the market

Fouling of running gear is a constant headache for boat owners, requiring expensive and time-consuming grinding and sanding to remove
marine growth at every haul-out. Take control with PROPSPEED® - the cost-effective way to keep your vessel running at peak performance.


Lower Fuel Consumption


Easy Maintenance


Environmentally Friendly


Expert Installation


Fouling Protection


Quick Application

An effective, long lasting solution

PROPSPEED® is applied to running gear as a two-part system comprising of a super strong etching primer that bonds firmly to the metal substrate, and a smooth clear coat which provides a non-toxic, slick surface that marine growth can’t get a grip on.

Multi-season, trusted globally

Applied and maintained correctly, PROPSPEED® will protect propellers and running gear from marine growth for 1-2 years. Any marine growth that does attach can be easily wiped away with a soft cloth while still wet. Thousands of happy boat owners around the world trust PROPSPEED® to protect their assets and boost performance.

More speed, less fuel

Marine growth on a boat’s running gear has a negative impact on performance in the form of increased fuel consumption, loss of speed or excessive noise and vibration. PROPSPEED® is effective on recreational and commercial vessels of all types and sizes. Boat owners and captains all over the world have experienced the PROPSPEED® difference of a long-lasting, ultra-smooth surface that prevents fouling, provides more speed and reduces fuel consumption.

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